Dr. Julia Summers

Dr. Julia L. Summers, LPC

Dr. Julia Summers is a licensed professional counselor with over 12 years of field experience in community mental health involved with family, child, adolescent, adults, and parenting strategies. In addition, Dr. Summers has received training and conducted group DBT instruction and specialization in ADHD for children. Dr. Summers specializations include strategies for reduction of anxiety and stress management personal and professional, ADHD, adolescent issues including decision-making and emotional regulation skills, and family therapy.

Dr. Summers completed her dissertation focused on stress and burnout in the mental health workplace and conducted a workplace stress management seminar in Sedona AZ. Furthermore, Dr. Summers was chosen to be a subject matter expert with the Board of Behavioral Sciences for the state of California regarding examination development for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors. (LPCC)

Dr. Summers holds a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Family Psychology. She received her Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ottawa University. In addition, she is an active member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Summers currently lives in the Prescott area and enjoys with her husband David hiking and activities outdoors. In addition, Julia spends time volunteering as Miss Kitties a shelter for cats in Prescott AZ. At home she enjoys spending time with her two cats Max and Maddy.

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